Lady Gaga Americano

Lady Gaga unveiled a new song called 'Americano' during her performance at the Estadio Tres de Marzo in Guadalajara, Mexico on Tuesday. The tune is featured on the pop star's soon-to-be-released album, 'Born This Way.'

A video of the concert captures the 25-year-old at the piano, playing the accompaniment to the dramatic bilingual jam, which is expected to have an electronic treatment on the LP. In an interview with Vogue, Gaga describes the song as “a big mariachi techno-house record, where I am singing about immigration law and gay marriage and all sorts of things that have to do with disenfranchised communities in America. It sounds like a pop record, but when I sing it, I see Edith Piaf in a spotlight with an old microphone.”

Gaga starts the song in Spanish, singing, "Mis canciones son de la revolucion / Mi corazon late por mi generacion," which translates to "My songs are of the revolution / My heart beats for my generation."

She later switches to English and suggests, "If you love me / We can marry on the West Coast / On a Wednesday/ En el verano o en agosto (in the summer or in August)."

Gaga makes mention of "Jesus Cristo" and roars about "Aaaahhh America, Americano" repeatedly throughout the song. While the stripped down rendition wasn't lacking in Gaga-licious drama, it'll be interesting to hear the album version of the track. 'Born This Way' drops on May 23.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Americano' in Guadalajara, Mexico