Shock rocker Alice Cooper has revealed that he warned Lady Gaga about the dangers of letting her over-the-top stage persona infiltrate and take over her life. He encouraged her to keep some semblance of Stefani Gemanotta on the surface, especially when she is offstage. Since Cooper is a legend in the rock world, he's certainly worth taking advice from. But we're not so sure that Gaga heeded his words, since she always seems to be, well, Gaga.

Cooper is such a fan of Gaga that he told Reader's Digest (quotes via Gigwise) that "as soon as I saw her on TV, I fell in love with the outrage. I couldn't wait to see her show."

He eventually made it out to a Gaga gig and met her backstage, calling her "wonderful." He also revealed that she showed him the utmost respect, since he is also a theatrical rocker. "She got down on her knees and did the whole 'We're not worthy' bit from 'Wayne's World,'" Coop recalled. How cute. We can just see Gaga paying her respects to a legend in such adorbs fashion.

He continued, "She said, 'Alice, thank you for letting me steal your show.' I said, 'Gaga, I created a character called Alice. But it's important to keep Alice on stage. I never let Alice take over my real life.' I guess what I was trying to say was, be outrageous for the cameras. Wear a chicken on your head ... but don't get suckered into thinking that stuff is real."

He finished, "When you're at home, just be yourself. If you can learn to co-exist with both Gagas, you'll be OK."

That's sound, solid advice from someone who has lived this life.

We wonder if she's ever Stefani in her personal life or if she has completed the transformation into Gaga, 24/7/365. We can't imagine anyone, even her parents Joe and Cynthia, calling her "Steffi." We wonder what her BF Taylor Kinney calls her.

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