Inspired by the success of 'The O.C.,' in 2004, MTV set out to cast a reality show about 'The Real Orange County,' and thus, 'Laguna Beach' -- clearly, one of the greatest reality shows of our generation -- was born. The juicy series was filled to the brim with California tans, beachside gossip and, of course, plenty of delicious drama. In the years since, some of the stars continued their careers in the spotlight, while others have hidden from the camera entirely. Read on to discover what the hotties of Laguna are up to now.

Lauren Conrad

MTV/Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Then: Back in the 'Laguna' days, Season 1 narrator Lauren Conrad was better known as 'LC,' or one-third of the LC/Stephen/Kristin love triangle. During Season 2, Lauren moved on to bad boy Jason Wahler, whom she later dated (and skipped out on Paris for) in her successful spin-off series, 'The Hills.'

Now: After two seasons on 'Laguna,' Lauren went on to star in five seasons of 'The Hills,' which centered around her career as a budding fashion designer and feud with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. With two successful reality shows under her belt, Lauren has emerged as arguably the most successful -- and certainly the classiest -- of all the 'Laguna Beach' alum. Conrad has gone on to become a best-selling author, fashion designer and, most recently, bride-to-be, when her longtime boyfriend (former Something Corporate guitarist and current law student) William Tell popped the question in October 2013.

Kristin Cavallari

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Then: Kristin Cavallari was only a junior in high school when she became the resident 'Mean Girl' of 'Laguna,' constantly gossiping about her friends and toying with her on-and-off again boyfriend, Stephen Colletti. She later brought her villainous behavior to 'The Hills' after Lauren Conrad left after Season 5.

Now: The MTV star has continued her career in the spotlight, becoming a fashion designer, having small roles in several films and television shows and competing on 'Dancing With The Stars.' Now married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Kristin is busy being a mom to son Camden Jack while preparing for her second bundle of joy.

Stephen Colletti

MTV/Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Then: Laid-back California hottie Stephen Colletti was faced with some tough choices on 'Laguna Beach': Should he go out to dinner with longtime friend and occasional love interest LC, or hook up with his on-and-off bitchy girlfriend, Kristin Cavallari? Kristin may have dumped him in Season 2, but it's OK, because he later dated another hot (but presumably less dramatic) blonde, Hayden Panettiere, until the two broke up in 2007.

Now: Post-'Laguna,' Stephen had a stint as an MTV VJ on 'TRL,' starred in Taylor Swift's music video for 'White Horse' and got his big break in 2007 when he was cast as Chase Adams on 'One Tree Hill,' a character he played until the show's end in 2012.

Lo Bosworth

MTV/Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images

Then: On 'Laguna Beach,' Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth was LC's wide-eyed sidekick, and continued her role as Lauren's bestie (and eventual roomie) straight through 'The Hills,' where she became a main cast member during its final season.

Now: Since her turn on reality TV, Lo was a creator and executive producer of 'I'm Positive,' a documentary about the lives of young people living with HIV. She also authored a book, 'The Lo Down,' and is the co-founder of the high-end party supply company, Reverly House. She is currently living in New York City and attending culinary school.

Trey Phillips


Then: Trey Phillips was the "good guy" of 'Laguna' and was super involved with Active Young America (AYA) and his skater-style charity fashion show that he set up with Lauren.

Now: Trey followed his passion and received a Bachelor's degree from Parsons School of Design, and currently works as an Associate Designer for Vera Wang. He has also continued with his charity work and is the founder of City Love, a nation-wide art project that allows people to honor to their towns by creating murals of their cities. And based on his Instagram, he seems like he is just about the sweetest guy ever.

Dieter Schmitz


Then: Dieter dated Jessica Smith pre-Jason Wahler, and graciously stood up for BFF Lauren Conrad after her then-boyfriend JWahl kissed Jessica right in front of her. He was also good friends with Stephen and Trey.

Now: Dieter has worked his way up in the hotel industry, currently serving as Hotel Manager at Lakehouse Hotel and Resort in San Diego. He also still keeps in touch with his 'Laguna' friends, including LC, Stephen and Trey. Awww.

Jessica Smith


Then: Jessica Smith is best remembered as Kristin Cavallari's brunette BFF who was so hung up on Jason Wahler that she continually went back to him despite the fact that he was constantly cheating on her and stringing her along. Jessica was also the only original cast member who stayed in Laguna Beach for the show's oft-forgotten third season.

Now: In 2007, Jessica was busted for a DUI, but two years later seemed to clean up her act, settling down and marrying Michael Evans. Since then, she has become a mother of two and is pregnant with her third child.

Jason Wahler

MTV/Michael Buckner, Getty Images

Then: Scruffy bad boy Jason Wahler spent his days on 'Laguna Beach' manipulating Alex M. and Jessica before going after Lauren Conrad, whom he dated in the first season of 'The Hills.'

Now: After a successful stint on 'Celebrity Rehab' to deal with his substance abuse problems, Jason has been sober and outspoken about his past issues. He married model Ashley Slack in October 2013 -- the same weekend LC got engaged. Talk about fate!

Talan Torriero


Then: Talan Torriero was constantly jerked around by Kristin, who always seemed to hook up with him whenever she was on the outs with Stephen.

Now: After 'Laguna' ended, Talan dated former Pussycat Doll and 'X Factor' judge Nicole Scherzinger, but the two broke up in 2007. Talan is currently the Creative Producer at creative agency 87AM and is engaged to be married, popping the question to girlfriend Danielle Zuroski over the 2013 July 4th weekend.

Christina Schuller


Then: Christina Schuller was most well-known for her time on 'Laguna' as the daughter of a preacher, best friend of Morgan and for that one time she sang a song at her church.

Now: Christina is still besties with Morgan, even serving as a bridesmaid in her wedding to Joel Smith. Unfortunately, her father's church filed for bankruptcy in 2010, but it has since rebuilt. Christina married Chad Sinclair in 2011 and is expecting a baby in May 2014. She also runs her own exercise blog, Beach Babe Fitness.

Morgan Olson


Then: Brunette Morgan was 'Laguna's' religious "good girl" who was open about her virginity and her devastation about not getting into Brigham Young University at the end of Season 1.

Now: Well, persistence pays off, considering Morgan reapplied to BYU and graduated in 2004. She has since married Joel Smith, who is pretty smoking hot. She works in the fashion industry and runs her own lifestyle blog called Smith, Here!, where she recently announced she and her hubby are expecting their first baby, who is due in June 2014.

Alex Hooser

Stephen Shugerman, Getty Images/Instagram

Then: One of the more chill ladies on 'Laguna Beach,' Alex H. was best friends with Kristin and Jessica, and was often seen gossiping with them -- though she usually stayed out of the drama herself.

Now: Unlike some of her 'Laguna' pals, Alex H. has stayed out of the spotlight since the show ended. She is living in Hawaii with her boyfriend, and is still good friends with Alex M. (the two used to call themselves 'The Alexes'), and, according to Instagram, is even going to be a bridesmaid in Alex M.'s upcoming wedding.

Taylor Cole


Then: Taylor Cole was Kristin's nemesis during Season 2. She once rivaled Kristin for Talan's affection, but, as always, Kristin quickly edged her out of the competition.

Now: After attending the University of Arizona, Taylor and her mom run TLC&You, a jewelry and accessories company based in Laguna Hills, Calif.

Alex Murrel


Then: Alex M. was Jessica's main threat to her relationship with Jason. Her animosity towards Jessica was only compounded by the fact that her BFF Taylor was Kristin's enemy. Alex M. was also known for her singing and acting talent.

Now: Alex has had some minor roles in films since her days on 'Laguna,' and she even had a record deal at one point in time. She went on to major in English in college and currently works for Social Pacific Consulting as the Director of Marketing. She's also currently engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Kyle Mark Johnson.

Casey Reinhardt

Stephen Shugerman, Getty Images/YouTube

Then: Platinum blonde Casey joined 'Laguna Beach' in Season 2 when she first moved to the seaside town and became the resident 'new girl.'

Now: The blonde-as-ever Casey graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in psychology, but later opened up her own cupcake bakery. In 2011, she made it big when she competed on the Food Network's 'Cupcake Wars' and won. She's also very involved in her charity, The C.A.S.E.Y Foundation, which shows children the importance of education.

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