Lorde recently participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit, during which she hilariously admitted to looking weird while she performs.

Or more specifically, like a Hobbit who has been holding onto an evil ring of power for far too long.

As she explained to a fan who asked how she responds to criticism about her onstage work, "I know when I'm onstage, I don't think about how it looks, i just concentrate on really feeling what I hear. But I totally know I look like Gollum when I perform, so it's cool."

She also revealed that she will be performing at one major music festival in North America in 2014 but didn't say which one or when or any helpful information at all.

As for if she plans to go back to school, she's currently on the fence. In the past, Jennifer Lawrence (yes, she name-dropped the actress!) has stressed real life experiences over learning via books, so that's swayed Lorde a bit. However, the singer did admit, "maybe that's just a lazy person's excuse."

Also, she has no idea what shampoo she uses because her mom buys it for her in bulk.

For more information on Lorde (from Lorde!), you can check out her full AMA over on Reddit.