Mariah Carey's "Infinity" lyric video may look like a cheesy Disney commercial (and like it was put together in PowerPoint), but the song itself is on its way to becoming a classic Mariah heartbreak hit.

Outfitted with a sparkly purple background (so Mariah), the lyric video is fun, playful and a little silly (cue images of a heart splattering on a welcome mat) — but it's also the perfect vehicle to showcase her beyond-impressive range, especially after the not-so-flattering criticism she received for not being able to sing live. (Spoiler alert: She sounds amazing now.) Not to mention, we all know how much the Elusive Chanteuse shines on a good heartbreak tune.

"Close the door / Lose the key / Leave my heart on the mat for me," Mariah belts out on the chorus. "I was yours, eternally / There's an end to infinity." Depressing AF, yes, but that's the best part of breakup songs: They're insanely relatable and the kind of jams you just want to sing alone in your room while simultaneously sobbing and stuffing your face with Ben & Jerry's.

"Infinity," produced by Mimi herself, may not pack as much of a punch as "Always Be My Baby" or "We Belong Together," but it certainly contains heart-wrenching enough lyrics to hit you right in the heart — especially when Mariah lets loose with that acrobatic voice of hers. And maybe, just maybe, it provides some insight on the ending of her marriage to Nick Cannon, who has been nothing but supportive of his ex and her new music.

"Infinity" is Mariah's newest release and the brand-new track off of her upcoming greatest hits album, Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity, which drops on May 18. Ready, Lambs?

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