Marina and the Diamonds is wrapping up the U.S. leg of her Neon Nature Tour in support of her phenomenal album Froot (one of our Top Albums of 2015 So Far). If you're one of her many Diamonds, you may already have seen her, or you're at least planning on it.

But if you didn't have the opportunity to see Marina live, fear not: Yahoo! will broadcast tonight's Neon Nature show (November 4) live from Boston's House of Blues online, where she's set to perform songs from all three of her albums -- The Family Jewels, Electra Heart and Froot -- complete with a healthy number of costume changes and kitschy props.

The main reason as to why this is such great news: Not everyone has the privilege of seeing their favorite artists in concert, whether it's due to conflicting schedules, financial issues or the simple fact that said artist never quite makes it to your specific, middle-of-nowhere town. Which sucks, because one of the best parts of being a music fan is the ability to see the fully-realized version of your favorite artist on stage, bringing songs you listened to obsessively to life.

While a stream may never fully and properly encapsulate the experience of seeing an artist like Marina live, it's a far better alternative to sitting in a dark, windowless room while weeping and listening to Froot on repeat.

Watch Marina and the Diamonds live at 9PM EST over on Yahoo!

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