'One More Night,' the second single from Maroon 5's 'Overexposed' (out June 26) is just dropping, while the first single 'Payphone' remains in the Top 5 of the radio chart leaderboad. It's certainly the familiar pop-rock sound that we've come to experience and expect from Adam Levine and his bandmates. But there's a bit of a reggae style infused into the percussion, giving the song a more dancey feel.

The song is erected on a thumped out (and looped) beat, in addition to Levine's signature falsetto, where he tosses off lyrics about not getting along with (or being able to untangle himself from) his lady love. Levine is hoping he only stays with her just "one more night." Ouch. Was this song penned when things started going south with his ex, model Anne V?

The song is built upon the idea of the quintessential push and pull between what the heart, mind and body want, which are usually opposing things. Levine and his cohorts did an effective job of encapsulating that sentiment and that emotion in a booty bounceable song, complete with lots of "Ooh" parts. It's quite a seamless blend of pop, rock and reggae, while remaining uniquely Maroon 5. That's not easy to do, but Levine and co. make it seem that way.

Levine croons, "You and I go hard at each other like we're going to war" and then tempers that statement by saying, "Try to tell you 'no' / But my body keeps on telling you 'yes.'" We've all been there, but it's M5 who put the feeling in a song for pretty much the entire population of the planet to relate to. While this is not a dance floor anthem, it's certainly a windows-down, summer-ready song. Crank it while soaking up some rays at the beach.

Listen to Maroon 5 'One More Night'