In late October, progressive-pop trio Miike Snow made a triumphant return to music after nearly three years of silence with their new single "Heart Is Full," the first from their forthcoming album III, which is due for release at some point in 2016.

Earlier today, the band released the official video for "Heart Is Full," which you can watch over at the band's Facebook.

The clip begins with the female protagonist performing some pretty serious street acrobatics as she casually chases down a handsome man who seems to be taking the whole chase thing a bit more seriously. The chase concludes with the man dying because of a literal hole in his chest—and not just a simple bullet hole. We're talking a cannonball-sized hole of his torso is mysteriously missing. The song's chorus plays over the scene, creating a humorous irony with the lines, "Please don't knock over my heart / Because my heart is full of you."

The remainder of the video is perhaps best explained as a high-intensity combination of references: wheels worthy of The Fast and the Furious, a dystopian setting evocative of Blade Runner, and fighting and weaponry straight out of Mortal Kombat and/or Street Fighter. SPIN also adds Kill Bill and Crazy 88s into the mix for good measure.

The video ends with the protagonist (it remains unclear if she is the hero, the villain, or somewhere in between the two) tearfully strangling the woman she's been sparring with on top of a skyscraper. Whether the recently-deceased woman was the protagonist's lover (as SPIN also questions) is likewise unclear, but perhaps that's what the latter's heart is actually full of: a repressed homoeroticism fighting to come out.

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