Who is the top teen star on Twitter? It's Justin Bieber, by a landslide. Like it's not even close. The Biebs, 18, has a whopping 27 million followers, making him one of the most followed people in the world and easily the most followed teen and teen heartthrob. Of course he is nipping at Lady Gaga's 140-character crown, but he has nearly double the follows of his closest teen Twitter foe, who just so happens to be his girlfriend Selena Gomez!

According to compiled data, other teen pop stars that have healthy followings are Sel, with 12.4 million followers, which is nothing to sneeze at. Demi Lovato has 8.7 million followers, and that figure should go up as she ascends to more mainstream fame with her new role as an 'X Factor' judge. But both Sel and Demi technically should not count, since both turned 20 earlier this summer and are no longer teenagers. However, the majority of their followers fall in the teen category, so it's two-fold.

Miley Cyrus, known for tweeting photos of her dramatic haircuts and stories about her dogs, has 8.1 million followers.

Even though Zayn Malik bounced from Twitter earlier this week, leaving over 5 million followers, only to return a day later after some nonsense with an alleged cheating video being posted, his One Direction bandmates dominate the Top 10, with Harry Styles leading the 1D charge with 6.2 million followers. Niall Horan claims 5.8 million, while Liam has 5.4 million. Clearly, Harry is the fave, at least from a digital standpoint. What about Louis Tomlinson? He has around 5.4 million followers, too.

Nick Jonas and Cody Simpson also have tons of followers, with 4.7 and 3.1 million respectively.

So, PopCrushers, which of these teens do you follow?

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