We were super excited to have Asher Monroe stop by PopCrush HQ last week, but a small part of our hearts was still sad that 'Parenthood' is coming to a close tonight (Jan. 29). Since the singer appeared on season one of the hit show, we couldn't resist asking him to spill some on-set details!

If you recall, Asher played Steve Williams, Haddie Braverman's boyfriend, who later causes some serious drama on the show. (We're happy to report that Asher is totally awesome IRL. That's why they call it "acting," right?)

When we asked Asher how he felt that 'Parenthood' was ending, he told us, "The show is great, honestly. I saw one of the characters, I was watching TV yesterday, and I think one of the main [‘Parenthood’] stars was on it. ... The show was fun for me, just to come on. I know I was on the first season, so I was one of the first characters introduced. It was fun for me to play opposites. I think the cast is – you’re always walking onto someone else’s home life, work life – and so, for me, they treated me so nice and … I was just like family. And I think that’s what they embrace on the show as well. I think what you see on TV is a lot of what I saw in real life. They had me with open arms."

Asher admits that it's hard for him to pin down one favorite memory from the 'Parenthood' set, but he did give us some behind-the-scenes details: "The set was really cool, because it was on the back lot of Universal. They built this whole house, way up in the hill, tucked away. It’s always fun seeing the sets that they build ... you’d be surprised. The house was on one part, so there was all these other parts that they shoot right next door. It was all in one stop shop."

And as for the actresses he worked with, Sarah Ramos and Mae Whitman?

"The girls I played opposite were super cool," Asher revealed. "Great actresses and we had a lot of fun running lines together, had some laughs. Everyone was great."

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