Uh oh. This news won't do anything to renew music fans' faith in outdoor summer festivals, which are seeing an increase in acts of god and stage collapses in recent years. A total of 17 people were taken to the hospital after being struck by lightning at the Peace & Love Festival in Sweden at around 3PM local time today (June 26).

According to Spinner, the organizers of the festival in Scandinavia set up a makeshift care center on site to help transport the injured people to a health facility.

It is also being reported that only minor injuries were sustained and most of the victims were up and walking. That is very good news.

The Local reports that Amanda Andersen, an eyewitness to this random act of nature said, "First we saw a lightning flash and then we heard a really loud clap of thunder. The next thing we knew, the ambulances had come."

Rihanna and Skrillex are/were on deck as some of the many acts set to perform at the event.

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