Pharrell kicked off the 2014 BET Awards in the best way possible -- with a killer performance and a special appearance by Missy Elliott.

Pharrell's performance of 'Come Get It Bae' was as smooth as ever, featuring the 'Happy' singer crooning to the tune as he strutted confidently onstage, ladies clad in 'BAE'-emblazoned shirts dancing in the background. But for all of Pharrell's glory (and let's be real, he never disappoints!) the real star of the performance was Missy Elliott, who emerged back into the spotlight with her hit 'Pass that Dutch,' spittin' those rhymes like she owned the place.

Missy may have been behind-the-scenes for a while, but she looked as at home onstage as ever, long locks tied into a side pony as she rocked her trademark tracksuit and performed alongside Pharrell in what is undoubtedly one of our favorite mashup performances.

Watch Pharrell and Missy perform 'Come Get It Bae' + 'Pass That Dutch' in the video above!