While we're used to seeing our favorite pop stars with a face full of gorgeous makeup, there are a few rare moments when these celebrities are captured without makeup on. After getting our hands on some pictures of a few of pop's leading ladies sans makeup, we want to know who you, the PopCrush readers, think looks the prettiest without makeup. 

First up is Lady Gaga, who posed without makeup on for her fans on Twitter, proving she's still an exquisite specimen without all of the foundation, mascara and lipstick. Beyonce is absolutely stunning with or without makeup, as evidenced by the photo above, as is Demi Lovato, who also opted to go sans makeup recently. Both of these songstresses made great choices to go au natural, since they are both knockouts regardless.

Rihanna also looks beautifully fresh-faced as she steps off an airplane, with a clear complexion and nude lips. Finally, Selena Gomez is another star who appears to be as gorgeous as ever without the eyeliner, lip gloss, and heavy blush.

Even though all five of these women are lovely no matter what they do, we want to know: who do you think is the prettiest pop star without makeup? Cast your vote below!