Rapper Jim Jones was arrested Saturday night for a fight that occurred following a party hosted by Diddy. A total of five people were arrested during the incident, which went down at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut -- and part of which was caught on video.

Sources told TMZ that a seemingly intoxicated man approached Jones and started taunting him. Jones did his best to ignore the guy, but then the man began to get physical with Jones. Once the man started throwing punches, Jones acted in self defense and fought back. Then the man's friends and Jones' comrades all got involved, and it became a pretty intense, insane brawl.

Reports say Jones had no idea who this guy even was or why the man had an issue with him. Jones was arrested and brought into custody -- but not before being maced by the five police officers necessary to subdue him. Ouch!

Jones has since posted bail and is on his way home. Jones' official charges are assault on a police officer and breach of peace. You can check out some of the mayhem in the video below. We knew Diddy's parties got crazy, but we didn't expect anything like this!

Watch Jim Jones' Brawl and Arrest