'Diamonds,' Rihanna's first single from her upcoming seventh album, has dropped and the big questions is: Does it sparkle?

We've gotta say that after the abundance of sexed up, tawdry, bawdy, "suck my cockiness / lick my persuasion" lyrical sentiments that dominated last year's smash 'Talk That Talk,' it's a little bland, at least by RiRi's sexafied standards.

'Diamonds''s is sorta safe for Rihanna. Lyrically and melodically, it sounds more like something Kelly Clarkson would sing. Ri's not known for her uplifting proclamations; she's too busy telling you how she wants you to take her to bed. But here, she sings about being "diamonds in the sky." Ho-hum.

It's subdued and for Rihanna, a little boring. Maybe it was her intention to try and shock us by shifting gears and offering up a more musically vulnerable side of herself, which she is well within her rights to do.

'Diamonds' is not a dance song, either. It's got a slower tempo to fall in line with the more introspective lyrics; a song about realizing your beauty doesn't need a pulse-pounding rhythm that simulates the lyrical subject. It's not quite a ballad, either. That's probably why it stalls, in the middle of the road.

But we're not suggesting that 'Diamonds' is not without its endearing qualities.

There is a pretty killer hook, during which RiRi sings, "Shine bright like a diamond" in robotic cadence that lets us hear her accent, something we always love. There is also an '80s backbeat that becomes more and more addictive with each listen to 'Diamonds.'

That said, 'Diamonds' is not an instant hit like 'We Found Love.' Perhaps it'll be a sleeper hit for RiRi. Maybe it'll be a smash, since everything she touches turns to gold, er, diamonds.

But it's definitely not our favorite RiRi jam.

Listen to Rihanna, 'Diamonds'