One thing that's quickly becoming apparent about British songstress Rita Ora is that she's one super fashionable woman -- pulling inspirations from Gwen Stefani and Kanye West.

"I have a lot of inspirations," she tells The Boombox. "I love old classic style and high fashion like Daphne Guinness. She's a woman who's basically like a muse who has every kind of amazing designer piece, ever... Then I like my kind of not-giving-a–s--- feeling like Gwen Stefani. She was a great inspiration on how girls should not care and still look hot. I love how Kanye West dresses. He's another idol of mine."

The influence of fashion icons like these can be seen in the videos for Ora's Tinie-Temphah-assisted single, 'R.I.P' as well as her latest release, 'How We Do (Party).'

But Stefani, in particular, has rubbed off on Rita in other ways. She says her live performances — which she'll tone down a bit when she hits the road with Coldplay for an arena tour in Europe next month -- draw on the No Doubt experience.

"My intimate shows that I headline are like nothing compared to the arenas and stuff," she says. "It's very free. It's a bit like a No Doubt performance. You know, how they were free and just jumped around. It's that energy. It's lively... "

The sound of her upcoming album pulls from a similar place as well. "The way I sing and the way I am and the way I look is still very the same but you can hear my influences," she says. "Like, I love No Doubt and Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen. It's old school mixed with a pop kind of stream with a grit. It's got attitude to it but it's not ignorant. It's just a cool f---ing album in my eyes."