Don't let the picture above fool you. Despite the fact that Sara Bareilles posted this angry-looking pic to Twitter with the message "Not having any fun. F--k @JonahHill," we know she loves Jonah Hill. So much in fact, that she is taking direction from the 'Superbad' actor/comedian on the set of her newest video for 'Gonna Get Over You.'

It was a no-brainer for Bareilles and Hill when it came to working together. "We’ve known each other for a long time, and he wanted to foray into this world. I’m like, 'Um, yes please, do my video,'" Bareilles told Rolling Stone while filming the 'Gonna Get Over You' clip in an East LA supermarket. Bareilles also described the theme of the video as a "mish-mash of 'Grease' and 'West Side Story.'"

Bareilles actually tweeted a behind-the-scenes look at the video with this message: "Forgot I had a sneak peek of my video shoot. @JonahHill is so entertaining. In so many ways." Although Bareilles unknowingly shot the video upside down -- she later tweeted, "Oops. That video was upside down. Or WAS it???" LOL, Sara -- we can still catch glimpses of Hill juggling some oranges in a grocery store while humming a circus ditty. In the behind-the-scenes video, which is mostly consists of the cast and crew goofing off, Bareilles humorously says, "Alright we're on location for the music video that Jonah's directing ... We're clearly getting a lot done."

Bareilles is a funny gal, as she has proven with videos like 'Uncharted,' her hilarious Twitter account, and her interview with Rolling Stone. She went on to talk more about Hill directing her video, saying, "There’s something really special about being someone’s first, like he’s a video virgin ... I feel like I’m in new territory as well because I’m dancing for the first time, it’s a totally different thing I’ve never done."

Hill also spoke to Rolling Stone, saying that director Spike Jonze is a huge influence on him and that he'd love to film a video for Odd Future, the rap group featuring Tyler, the Creator. "I would really want to do a hip-hop video next," he said. "I think there can be a lot more creativity involved in hip-hop videos and a lot of them look the same."

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