If you need us, we'll just be sitting here listening to Set It Off's brand-new track 'Tomorrow' featuring Jason Lancaster all day. Want to get in on the fun? Check out the exclusive premiere of the track above.

"There's always another day, another night, a bittersweet blessing in disguise," the band belts out on the chorus. "We're the authors of our lives."

We're all about the build-up of the inspirational tune, which features intense guitar swells, heavy drums, and the kind of passionate vocals that deliver the song right into our soul. (We're talkin' all the feels!)

"I am so proud of ['Tomorrow'] and the message it has," Set It Off's Cody Carson tells PopCrush. "We all have bumpy roads in our lives, we have definitely had one but nothing is going to stand in our way. We have tomorrow and each day we will take FULL advantage of the time we have been given. This one is for the dream catchers."

And speaking of dream catchers, the track is based off the band's song 'Dream Catcher' from their previous album, 'Cinematics.'

"It's actually a sequel to that song," Carson explains. "It's not every day you have such an elaborate idea of what you want something to be and you, as an artist, are able to accomplish every goal you had in that song."

That includes getting Go Radio's Jason Lancaster (formerly of Mayday Parade) to sing vocals on the tune.

"When I got the mix back with Jason on it, I legit shed a tear," he reveals. And we can see why! We love the raw emotion in 'Tomorrow' -- and we love that the band felt it too.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Set It Off's 'Tomorrow' featuring Jason Lancaster above.