'Saturday Night Live' guest host Andy Samberg took the opportunity last night to do an SNL Digital Short spoofing the EDM and DJ culture. The short is appropriately titled: 'When Will The Bass Drop?' 

In the video, Samberg plays a DJ called Davvincii who appears on stage to a crowd of raving fans. As house music plays over the booming speakers, he seemingly is about to press a giant red button labeled 'BASS' several times to tease that he's about to drop the bass, but instead, fakes out and does other things. Regular DJ things, you know, like playing a game of Snood, frying an egg with a pan and playing Jenga as the music is playing in the background. Davvincii does all of this while the crowd is exploding with excitement. Literally.

If you've ever been to a club to watch a superstar  DJ, you'll undoubtedly identify with what 'SNL' is trying to do here. Click on the video below to watch the digital short.