Andre 3000

Andre 3000 Refutes OutKast Breakup Rumors
Rapper Andre 3000 recently talked with Fader magazine and clarified his earlier statements about the future of OutKast. In a conversation with GQ, Andre revealed that there were "no plans for another OutKast album." This spark a flurry of rumors that the stankalicious duo has offic…
Kesha Calls ‘Sleazy’ Remix a ‘Dream Come True’
Remixing pop tunes by adding some hip-hop flavor -- and a big-name MC or two -- is nothing new. But when it came time to remix 'Sleazy,' the latest single from her 'Cannibal' EP, Kesha wanted to do something bigger and better.
She succeeded, lining up Andre 3000 for the song's original (or "1.0&…

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