Dev Sues Her Label
Dev is wrapped up in a legal battle with her record label, Indie-Pop, which she says took advantage of her at the young age of 18.
Dev Reflects on Family + Fame in ‘Me’ Video
She might be somewhat of a household name now (if you live in a pretty hip household, that is), but Dev wasn't always known for her sexy voice and edgy style -- and she more than remembers where she came from. She gives a verbal and visual flip of the proverbial bird to the haters in her new tr…
See Pictures of Dev’s Baby Girl
We "met" Dev's daughter Emilia during last week's MTV special, which was filmed during and after the 'Naked' singer's unexpected pregnancy. She's now shared some adorable shots of the precious infant on Twitter.
Dev Is in Mommy Mode in MTV Special
Dev's MTV special, which aired last night (May 23), followed the singer as she navigated the release of her debut album, her climb up the ladder of success and living the preggo life, as she calls it.
Dev Meets the ‘Mob Wives’ – Pic of the Week
Over the weekend, Dev performed at KTU's KTUphoria concert in New Jersey. While the highlight of her appearance at the PNC Bank Arts Center might've been connecting with her fans from the stage, there's no doubt that meeting the stars of VH1's 'Mob Wives' was a memorabl…
Dev Launching MTV Special
Dev is the subject of an upcoming MTV special, dubbed simply 'DEV,' which airs May 23 at 11PM ET on the network. Why Dev? Well, she has quite a story: She's been working her butt off to become a pop star (in her downtown L.A. digs) but then became pregnant last year.
Dev Covers ’99 Red Balloons’
New mom Dev has offered up her cover of the nu wave '80s hit '99 Red Balloons,' delivering the catchy song in her signature breathy vocal style. No matter what she sings, Dev always sounds like sexy gal. The original (also called '99 Luftballons'), dropped in 1983 and was a protest song performed by…

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