Far East Movement

Far East Movement Dance the Night Away in ‘Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)’ Video
Here's what's in Far East Movement's video for 'Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)': Dancing flash mobs, zebra print bus interior, a disco ball, gold chains galore, massive emblems, colorful clothing, zany glasses, huge ghetto blaster radios, a party rock atmosphere and Redfoo of LMFAO, to name a few. Here's what's not in Far East Movement's video for 'Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)': Justin Freakin
Far East Movement’s ‘Live My Life’ Remixed by LMFAO
Lovable 'Shots' enthusiast Redfoo of LMFAO is a huge fan of Far East Movement -- so much so that he remixed their latest hit, 'Live My Life.' (You know, that one featuring a hook by none other than some guy named Justin Bieber?) It looks like they're going to live their lives a little apologetically, since Redfoo is known to be sorry for party rocking.
Far East Movement vs. Rihanna – Sound Off
Far East Movement has become the newest artists to take over PopCrush's Sound Off, with their new Justin Bieber-featured track 'Live My Life' winning last week's battle against Rita Ora's new song 'Party and Bulls---.' Now, the 'Like a G6' hitmakers will take on Rihanna and her newly remixed 'Birthday Cake,' which features R&B crooner Chris Brown.
Rita Ora vs. Far East Movement – Sound Off
Now that the Wanted's reign over PopCrush's Sound Off has ended, it's time for two new competitors to go head-to-head in our battle of the songs. This week, we are pitting Jay-Z protege/Roc Nation newcomer Rita Ora and her new single 'Party and Bulls---' versus 'Like a G6' hitmakers Far East Movement and their new Justin Bieber-featured track 'Live My Life.'

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