Hottest Stars

Rihanna vs. Ariana Grande - Hottest Star of 2014
Rihanna and Ariana Grande are facing off in the semi-finals for the Hottest Star of 2014! Rihanna barely took the lead on Taylor Swift in Round 1, earning 50.12% of the votes to Taylor's 49.88%. It was a close call between Ariana and Little Mix, too, with Ariana winning the round with 50.05% of…
Miley Cyrus vs. Demi Lovato - Hottest Star of 2014
It’s Miley Cyrus vs. Demi Lovato in the Semi-Finals for the Hottest Stars of 2014! Miley trumped over Iggy Azalea in Round 1, with a 60.33% majority. Demi took a landslide win against Katy Perry, booting the 'Birthday' singer out of the competition with 66.48% of the votes. Smilers …
Hottest Star of 2014 - Vote Now!
It's time to vote for the Hottest Star of 2014! While so many of our favorite pop acts have had stellar years this year, only one male act and one female act can ultimately be crowned the Hottest Stars of 2014.

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