James Durbin

James Durbin Weds on New Year’s Eve
'American Idol' finalist James Durbin, who released 'Memories of a Beautiful Disaster' in late 2011, celebrated New Year's Eve in a special way. He exchanged vows with longtime love Heidi Lowe, with their song Hunter, 2, serving as the ring bearer.
James Durbin Does Test Screams During Q104 Interview
Listening to a lot of Rob Halford -- frontman for Judas Priest and known as the "Metal God" --  is how James Durbin learned to perfect that high-pitched wail that made him such a standout on Season 10 of 'American Idol.' The Durbs talked to Q104 DJ about his upcoming…
The Cab vs. James Durbin – Sound Off
The Cab are dominating our 'Sound Off' series this week, beating out Sublime With Rome yesterday to cement them as champs for two days in a row now. Their infectious, piano-driven, snap-along tune 'Bad' might have knocked out the contender for the past couple of days, but can the…

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