Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson Has a Nip Slip
You're not truly a pop diva unless you've had a nip slip. All the A-listers have had 'em. In fact, they are too numerous to mention at this point, but J. Lo and Nicki Minaj come to mind as recent unintended flashers.
Kesha Gets Criticized by Keri Hilson on Camera
Claws out. There could be a kat fight brewing between pop's reigning dirty girl Kesha and diva-esque Keri Hilson. Hilson was just filmed dropping a diss against Kesha.
Miss Hilson has a real penchant for downing other female pop stars and on camera, to boot. She was also recently caught dissing Beyon…
Keri Hilson Disses Beyonce on Camera
It is no secret that Keri Hilson is not the biggest fan of singing superstar Beyonce.
In a recent on-camera interview from the red carpet of the Soul Train Music Awards, the star was asked to help promote the new entertainment magazine, Juicy. When the magazine's reporter asked Hilson to pose for the…
Keri Hilson Gets Attacked by Fan at Paris Concert
A fan got a rude awakening when he tried to kiss Keri Hilson during her recent concert in Paris. While the R&B songbird was wrapping up her show, a male fan came out of nowhere and grabbed the singer for a smooch, which resulted in him getting a vicious beatdown by her security team. Luckily…

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