Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey Calls Out the Worst '90s Boy Band
UPDATE: 5ive have since rebuttled against 98 Degrees, with member Abz Love telling TMZ that he and " J were talking about who in the hell gets their band name tattooed on themselves and concluded they must all be jockstraps!” and saying the band "suc…
Takes a Jab at Swift
When in doubt in the trajectory of your career, take a jab at Taylor Swift -- it seems to get everyone noticed in headlines these days. Nick Lachey did just that when he warned this generation's boy band members to keep T. Swizzle at arm's length (or longer).
Nick Lachey Shares Baby Names
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have plenty of time to prepare for the birth of their first child -- she isn't due, by Nick's estimation, until "late summer, early fall." But that doesn't mean they're waiting until the last minute to talk about baby names. In f…

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