Parachute, 'Overnight' - Album Review
For the follow-up to 2011's 'The Way It Was,' Parachute frontman and principal songwriter Will Anderson penned more than 50 tracks, collaborating with a couple of Grammy-winning writers in the process.
Parachute, 'Disappear' - Song Premiere
Parachute's long-awaited 'Overnight' album arrives at retailers tomorrow, Aug. 13, and PopCrush is giving listeners another sneak peek of the album right now with the exclusive premiere of the track 'Disappear.'
Exclusive Premiere
Get ready for your first look at Parachute's 'Can't Help!' PopCrush is proud to present the exclusive premiere of the new music video from the Virginia-based band.
Surprising Influences
In this exclusive video interview, pop rockers Parachute reveal that they wrote their new record, which is their third full-length and is due out this fall, in two distinct ways.
Pop the Question
For those of you who follow Parachute on Twitter or watch their 'TV Episodes' on YouTube, you're aware of their humorous antics. For those of you who aren't familiar… get ready to be amused with this segment of Pop the Question.
'Hearts Go Crazy' (Acoustic) Premiere
Parachute's latest single 'Hearts Go Crazy' has an infectious hook and poppy instrumentation, but the song is strong enough to shine in an acoustic setting as well, as the band proves in a video premiering exclusively here on PopCrush.
'Hearts Go Crazy'
When Parachute frontman Will Anderson sings "Young hearts go crazy / With the sound of something new," he wasn't kidding. The group's latest single, 'Hearts Go Crazy,' is a bit of a departure from their prior material on 2009's 'Losing Sleep' and …
Exclusive Artwork
Virginia rockers Parachute are back with a brand new song called 'Hearts Go Crazy,' and we've got your first look at the single artwork.