Rock Out in Boring
We were driving through the middle of nowhere. The sky was bleak, but the plush, rolling landscape and snow-capped view of Mt. Hood lured our focus. We almost expected to see a Prefontaine successor on foot, following a windy two-lane highway that would soon lead us to our destination: Boring, Ore.
Santigold Disses LMFAO, Talks ‘Lack of True Art’ in Pop Music Today
Santigold is on her to way receiving an unapologetic "sorry for party rocking" from LMFAO. The 'L.E.S. Artistes' singer-songwriter recently spoke to Pitchfork about her upcoming album, and while speaking with the publication, Santigold went on to diss LMFAO and pretty much the entire state of mainstream pop music today (with a few exceptions, of course).