Skylar Grey

Album Art
Judging from the cover of her upcoming album, "Don't Look Down,' Skylar Grey is not someone to be messed with.
Skylar Grey – Artist to Watch in 2013
It's odd that a three-time Grammy nominee could still be under the radar, but that's the case for Skylar Grey, who will finally see the release of her long-delayed album in 2013 after years of songwriting and guest verse contributions for other artists.
The New Skylar Grey
Skylar Grey, who has reinvented herself as a sexified nymph after going the goth route a few years back, shared not one, but two behind-the-scenes clips from the trailer park locale of her upcoming video for 'C'Mon Let Me Ride,' which features Eminem. In them, she talks about her rece…
Skylar Grey to Release ‘The Buried Sessions’ EP
Singer/songwriter Skylar Grey was recently featured as part of NPR's year-end roundup of people who had a great 2011, and for very good reason: even though she might not be a household name (yet), Grey has co-written a passel of big hits for artists such as Eminem, Kaskade, and Lupe Fiasco. Although…

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