Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Raps About His New Crush ‘Kim Kardashian’
It's no secret that Kim Kardashian has several admirers in the pop world including Justin Beiber, The-Dream and Kanye West. Now the celebrity debutante has a new Lothario waiting to join her concubine -- Soulja Boy. The Atlanta rapper released a love ode (and we say that very loosely) called 'Kim Kardashian.'
Soulja Boy Issues Apology to Fans After Arrest
A rapper's fans shape the court of public opinion. So when he messed up on Tuesday and was arrested on drug and gun possession charges in Georgia, one of Soulja Boy's first orders of business was to tweet an apology and explanation to his fans.
Soulja Boy Apologizes for Dissing Army Troops
After rapping "f--k all the Army troops / b---h" in his song 'Let's Be Real,' Soulja Boy is tellin' em he's sorry for the lyric. The rapper has issued an apology to all of the servicemen and women that he might have (and probably did) offended.
Soulja Boy Hates on ‘Army Troops’ in New Song; Veterans Retaliate
Rapper Soulja Boy is really tellin' all the US troops what he really thinks about the armed forces. In a new video, the 21-year-old rapper plugs his social networking sites for about 30 seconds before ripping into the actual soldiers that defend our country. Now, two army veterans are lashing out at the rapper for his blatant disrespect.