The Ready Set

Pleather Remix - Song Premiere
Ready, set, go! PopCrush has teamed up with the Ready Set to premiere the Pleather Remix of the track 'Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever,' one of six remixed songs featured on the 'GMYH V.2' EP. The EP is out May 7, but we're giving you an early taste.
'Best Hang Ever' Contest
In honor of 'Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever),' the latest single from Jordan Witzigreuter, aka the Ready Set, PopCrush and popchips are giving you a chance to win the 'Best Hang Ever,' which will award one lucky person and a friend a backstage meetup with Jordan before an…
Song for Swift
The tables have been turned. While Taylor Swift feels the need to (and exercises her right to) mine her personal life and exorcise her relationship demons via song, an emo singer who goes by moniker The Ready Set has swooped in and written a song about his take on her romances.

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