Sorry, Haylor haters, but a photo (see it here!) has finally leaked of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles of One Direction together! Does this mean they're definitely together?

Not quite. Here's why:

The photo, taken Oct. 7 at the BBC Teen Awards in London, shows a cranky looking Hazza standing next to T-Swizzle, whose back is to the camera. The shot was leaked to The Sun, but there are a few issues with it. For one, the guy only sort of looks like Styles -- he has his hair, but the jawline is a little different, though it could easily just be a weird angle. Second, it was taken at an event where a ton of pop stars were milling about and doesn't actually show anything happening. Third, the photo, as we stated, was taken in October. It's now December. What took so long?!

Still, there may be something here. BBC Radio 1 DJ Aled Jones has said there was "some serious flirting going on" between the two, and there are a few other pieces of evidence pointing to a romance: the whole necklace thing, Harry's sheepish interview responses, an 'X Factor' rendezvous and even a rumor that Swifty's going to meet his parents.

Only time will tell if this is a genuine romance or a publicist's dream. Do you think Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are the real thing? Tell us in the comments!

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