Once in a lifetime a romance comes along which is so powerful, so unyielding in its deeply rooted passion that the very world itself must simply stop to observe it, awestruck by its truth and beauty. From Cleopatra and Marc Antony to Napoleon and Josephine, the intangible power of true love has caused oceans to swell and mountains to move — well, metaphorically anyway — but perhaps no contemporary love story is greater than that of definitely-dating, not-a-publicity-stunt couple Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

The legendary lovers began dating in 2016 after the Met Gala brought them together in New York City in May. The two, who shared their graceful first dance/mating ritual set to the tender musical stylings of T.I.'s 2004 jam "Bring Em Out," became romantically involved soon after the pop star broke up with her then-beau Calvin Harris in June.

Hiddleswift, as their fans have lovingly dubbed them, made their cautious, inconspicuous debut as an official couple on June 15, when the two enamored darlings were photographed cuddling against the rocks on a beach in Rhode Island. Since that fateful day, the two have become inseparable and increasingly discreet about their precious romance — dancing together at pop concerts, meeting each other's parents and making out atop historical monuments around the globe.

With each adoring gaze and seaside beach date (and paparazzi photo), the love between Taylor and Tom grows stronger, more timeless, more unconditional, more... profitable. For now, however, their blossoming and highly-publicized romance is but a tender peek inside the hearts and souls of two beloved, authentic celebrities — and like those mawkish Harlequin novels your grandmother used to hoard on her bookcase, we're living vicariously through them.

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