Season 2 of 'The Glee Project' kicked off tonight (June 5), moving to its new night. The theme was 'Individuality,' with the new cast being immediately tasked with showing co-creator Ryan Murphy and viewers just who they are, all the while working within the contexts of their castmates. Sadly, we only just met country cutie Maxfield, who was sent home.

The show consists of multiple segments. There is a theme and a homework assignment, where the winner receives a one-on-one mentoring session with a 'Glee' cast guest mentor (who also picks said winner). The homework assignment winner also gets a key role and/or placement in the episode's music video. Producer Ryan Murphy then watches the bottom three do a "Last Chance" performance to see if they inspire him to write roles for them. They are either called back or sent home. The grand prize is a seven episode arc on 'Glee.' There will not be multiple winners this season, like there was last year.

So let's meet the cast. It consists of 14 contestants and they're a melting pot of cultures, religions, alternative lifestyles and many have their challenges, which they take pride in. This season we have the pleasure of watching a transgendered contestant, as well as a blind one. There's also a wheelchair-bound competitor!

Here's the quick rundown of who's who:

Michael: He's 18 and a math geek.
Dani: She's adorable and androgynous.
Charlie: He has ADD.
Abraham: He's high energy, Asian and has a red splotch in his hair.
Ali: She's in a wheelchair, having been paralyzed at age 2.
Mario: He's confident, talented, cute and blind.
Shanna: She's the frontrunner, and a bubbly blond Southern belle.
Tyler: He is a transgender.
Maxfield: He's charming, country and only just started singing six months ago.
Taryn: She admits to being out of her element and that she's shy and nervous.
Aylin: A flirtatious, Turkish Muslim (TMI: She can't use tampons because her mother thinks they take your virginity).
Nellie: She's a super cute pixie.
Blake: He has Bieber bangs, a falsetto and is an actor, not to mention he looks and acts like a born superstar.
Lily Mae: She's admittedly big and utterly beautiful.

Now, about the performances?

Shanna had the starring role in the video, which was for Whitesnake's 'Here I Go Again,' since guest mentor Lea Michele chose her as the winner of the homework assignment for the way she handled Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way.' She owned it and emerged as a clear favorite from Episode 1.

The bottom three for the "Last Chance" performances were Aylin, Tyler and Maxfield. Aylin performed a ballad of David Guetta's 'Without You,' since her spitfire side from auditions faded away. She brought it.

Tyler performed 'ABC' to show his infectious side. He doesn't have the best voice, and it's changing, since he's on testosterone as he transitions -- but Murphy was intrigued by his story, his struggle and his life force.

Maxfield performed 'Always on My Mind' to show his country side, since he faltered in the studio. Murphy enjoyed his simplicity and thought girls would like him.

Ultimately, Maxfield was sent home. He's super new, but this isn't the end of the road. He has too much talent.