Former Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer Tony Lucca squeaked through two weeks ago after competing coach and former co-star Christina Aguilera called him one-dimensional. This week he embraced his past, and chose a song from another of his teenaged co-stars. Singing Britney Spears' '... Baby One More Time,' Lucca gave what's destined to be the night's most talked-about performance.

Lucca and his coach Adam Levine decided that instead of running from his time on the television show, he'd embrace it by singing the song that made Spears famous 14 years ago. It was a dark remake. The Michigan born singer wore a coal gray fedora and played a slate electric guitar as eight dancers in black gyrated behind him from a back lit staircase. His version sounded nothing like the original, which is no doubt why all four coaches loved it.

"That was Bieber loud," host Carson Daly said as he struggled to get the crowd under control.

After receiving praise from Aguilera, Lucca turned to Blake Shelton. "It p---es me off because that was really smart," the country coach said, giving credit to Green's creativity.

"You just embraced it and you did something different and refreshing and I'm so proud of you," Levine said referring to how they stared down the beast that was haunting him. In a night full of great performances, Lucca added another.

Watch Tony Lucca Perform '... Baby One More Time' on 'The Voice'