Utada Hikaru's sixth Japanese studio album now has a (haunting) face.

Today, the First Love Japanese superstar's official website revealed further details of her first Japanese studio album since 2008's Heart Station, which is called Fantôme ("Ghost" in French) — and the accompanying album cover, reportedly shot by Julien Mignot, reflects the phantasmic title.

The album will be 11 tracks long, including her Evangelion 2012 soundtrack song "Sakura Nagashi," as well as this year's Toto Neechan and NEWS ZERO theme songs "Hanataba wo Kimi ni" and "Manatsu no Tooriame."

Unlike any of her past records, all of the songs are titled in Japanese. As fans suspect, this is shaping up to be a heavy and mournful record following the death of her mother, Keiko Fuji.

“There’s no way in hell I’m gonna be able to make something like this again," she recently explained in a Q&A about the upcoming record.

Fantôme will be released on September 28. See the track list and two more press photos below.


1. 道
2. 俺の彼女
3. 花束を君に
4. 二時間だけのバカンス
5. 人魚
6. ともだち
7. 真夏の通り雨
8. 荒野の狼
9. 忘却
10. 人生最高の日
11. 桜流し