Can people stop asking Victoria Justice if she and Ariana Grande hate each other? Despite denying that a feud exists between them multiple times, Victoria continues to be plagued by this same question in all interviews. And rather than lash out at the interviewer with a Hulk-like vigor to Shut. It. Down. once and for all, the former Nickelodeon star continues to entertain the question, denying it with her trademark elegance and poise -- but denying it all the same.

During a recent interview, Meredith Viera asked her to set the record straight once and for all (for real this time), and Victoria was an eager participant. She explained the origin behind the feud, saying, "I would love to set the record straight because I feel like these rumors have been going on for way too long. Basically, there was an article in Seventeen magazine where she had said that she was bullied on set and the magazine basically alluded to it being me."

She goes on to say that Ariana immediately reached out to Victoria after the interview to let her know the piece could be potentially damaging. She said, "Once the article came out, [Ariana] texted me privately and she was like ‘Oh my gosh I am so sorry, you know how the media twists words. I was not talking about you, obviously. I was talking about someone on Broadway that I had worked with.’"

But Victoria explains that the damage was already done. She said, "Once it got out there everyone thought that I was this bully, and that I was mean to her which couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, we’ve had our differences but at the end of the day everyone in the cast at Victorious is family and I love and respect all of them."

Victoria ends the interview on a positive note, joking, "Hopefully, now that she’s talked about it and I’ve talked about it…we can practice what Frozen preaches and let it go." We hope so too, Victoria.

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