Whatever Happened to Chumbawamba?


Following the success of 'Tubthumping,' which caused many of their loyal fans to label them as sell-outs, Chumbawamba kept on making music. Even though they were never able to top the international success of their smash 1997 single, they continue to perform and release new albums.

To date, Chumbawamba has released 17 albums, with their most recent LP 'ABCDEFG' impacting in March 2010. Before that, the outfit (now a five-person group opposed to the eight-plus members that appeared on their album 'Tubthumper') dropped their album 'The Boy Bands Have Won.'

Their songs continue to address controversial topics to this day. Some of the tracks that the band has released in the past few years include 'Torturing James Hetfield' (the frontman of Metallica for those who don't know) and 'Word Bomber,' which Chumbawamba penned about the 7/7 suicide bombings in London, England (three of the four bombers were from Chumbawamba's hometown of Leeds).

If you're interested in attending a Chumbawamba gig or learning more about their latest musical endeavors, you can visit the band's website by clicking here. In the meantime, check out Chumba performing their track 'Add Me,' which speaks to the prominence of social network sites nowadays, below.

Watch Chumbawamba Perform 'Add Me'