OK, yes, different music genres require their own signature looks. But some of the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards attendees were wearing get-ups we can hardly even call 'outfits.' That's why they're on our Worst Dressed list.

We're the biggest Beliebers out there; we sing to the 'Baby' gods and rock high-tops even while sleeping. Still, we just couldn't help but gawk at the Biebs' thrown-together VMA ensemble. Don't get us wrong, we think the 17-year-old heart-throb typically has great style, but he must have gotten dressed for the black carpet in the dark.

The black shirt and sweater, we liked, as it's sexy, sleek and awards show friendly. But throw in the glasses (does he even need a prescription?), cheetah-print kicks, gold chains, flashy red pants and the SNAKE (?!?!?) and you've got a recipe for disaster: Justin Bieber's 2011 VMAs outfit. Yikes.

Also on our Worst Dressed list, there's Nicki Minaj. Now, Miss Minaj is known for her out-there style, but her VMAs costume really takes the cake. A surgical mask? We have no words. Miley Cyrus was looking way out of left field on the black carpet as well. She got the colors right, absolutely, but the whole animal print/floral thing was just too much for us to let slide.

Katy Perry showed off at least three of her creative outfits tonight, and we hated every single one of them. Then, there was otherwise cute couple Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose ... who were dressed to go to the beach. Yeah, we know, it's L.A., but this is the biggest music event of the year. Put some real clothes on.

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