Katy Perry's boobies. Lady Gaga getting her dance on during the 'N Sync reunion. Taylor Swift mouthing "STFU" during a One Direction moment. And Miley Cyrus generally losing her freaking mind, twerking and tonguing!

The 2013 VMAs were ripe for plenty of GIFs recapping the event, which took place last night (Aug. 25) in Brooklyn.  If ou missed the broadcast, don't stress or fret. These GIFs capture all the fun.

Hi Katy Perry and her boobies!

Perry showed some thigh under the Brooklyn bridge.

Gaga wiggin' out.

The hot bod in a bikini, which Kevin Hart could NOT stop gushing about.

The President of Pop aka Justin Timberlake.

That would make this the Prez and his cabinet of trusted advisors.

The bikini-clad Mother Monster was FEELING the 'N Sync reunion.

Wait, Rihanna was there? In jeans and a tee? Is she bored or stoned?

T. Swizzle CURSES? OMG! No! She's America's Sweetheart, but she still drops the "f" bomb.

Well, that's a lucky foam hand, no?

Jeez, Miley, put that thing away and by "thing" we mean tongue.

Trying to domesticate her, huh? Robin Thicke was Alcatraz chic in that suit and this was when Miley pretty much lost her damn mind. We could do a whole gallery of GIFs on her antics.

Forget ashtrays and heartbreaks. It's tongues and twerks. Is Thicke's wife Paula Patton about to file for divorce? Is Liam Hemsworth asking for the ring back?

TLC got their freak on.

Bright light, bright light. This was fun while it lasted.

One Direction STFU'ing and looking handsome. Really, is there any other word?

Selena Gomez gets a Moonman but doesn't STFU.