To promote their new Powerbeats2 Wireless earphones, Beats by Dre enlisted NBA superstar LeBron James in a new ad titled 'Re-Established 2014.'

The pro basketball player grew up in Akron, Ohio and became a high school legend at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. Straight out of high school, James was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers as the first pick overall in the 2003 NBA Draft.

It was as if Ohio felt like they had a son in James.

So it's no surprise that James faced harshed criticism when he infamously left the Cleveland Cavaliers (and his home state of Ohio) to sign with the Miami Heat in 2010. The people of Cleveland and the rest of the state felt and acted as if they were all personally betrayed.

In Beats' 'Re-Established' ad, we see James returning to his hometown of Akron and working out at his old high school gym while listening to 'Take Me to Church' by Hozier on his Powerbeats2 Wireless earphones. We also see quick cuts of LeBron as a child growing up in the town he called home.

In July 2014, James announced that he was returning to Cleveland, and believes that this time, it will be until he plays the last game of his career.

As the ad comes to an end, we see James walk through the high school gym named after him with a smile on his face that says: There's no place like home.

Click on the video above to watch Beats' moving 'Re-Established' ad.