Every wish life in economy class on an airplane could be a little bit more exciting?

In Diet Coke's newest ad, the soft drink brand tackles the tedium of airline travel as part of its 'Get a Taste' campaign. We see a female passenger sitting in economy class on a plane who finds a whole new world transformed around her after she opens a can of Diet Coke.

Instead of passengers falling asleep on your shoulders and the monotonous sounds of the roaring jet engines, suddenly there is a part with a live band, dancing and cocktail services. But a little turbulence sets in, and she's instantly transformed back onto the plane that she so briefly left behind.

Oh well, it was supposed to be just a taste of excitement right?

The song featured in the commercial is called 'Suit' by an Australian band named Boom! Bap! Pow!

Click on the video above to check out Diet Coke's Economy Class commercial.