2AM Club want to make one thing abundantly clear -- they're not your boyfriend.

But they make that often heartbreaking message sound so freakin' good, encasing it in a crazy, catchy pop package that'll have you dancing around the living room, singing along in unison.

The song is equal parts pop, dance music (but not EDM) and synths. The driving, dominant chorus, "I'm not your boyfriend / You're not my girlfriend / But maybe we could be friends," pretty much begs you to sing along with it. So go ahead, we won't stop you.

2AM Club syphon the very best elements of pop music kingpins like LMFAO, Hot Chelle Rae, will.i.am and Justin Bieber and ultimately come up with their own unique blend of super fun pop music. 'Not Your Boyfriend' doesn't "sound like" the aforementioned acts, but it has the same spirit and goal, and that's to inspire your body to move.

Even with its schoolyard lyrics -- come one, can't you just picture boys hurling words like this to the girls they like? -- there's just the right amount of synths and vocal processing factored into the mix. We realize that the song message may not be pretty -- knowing the relationship may never get serious even if things get physical -- but it still goes down easy.

The ending is abrupt, sorta like how it feels when someone you might have had relations with or are crushing on breaks it down and lets you know the deal. Art imitates life right there.

Listen to 2AM Club, 'Not Your Boyfriend'