Hip-hop toughie 50 Cent is featured on not one, not two, not three, not four but on five different covers for the year-end, double issue of XXL magazine. Yep, that's a lot of covers for one artist. But we are talking about Fiddy, who will celebrate his 10th anniversary in the rap game in 2012. The covers, which boasts the tagline "It's Always Money, Power & Respect," will recognize the five different personalities of the celebrated New York rapper.

The first cover features 50 and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather surrounded by bags of cash (the money side). The second cover features him wearing a bulletproof vest and baseball cap with a microphone over his shoulders (the rap side). The third cover has a warmly-dressed Fiddy holding a director's slate (the entertainment side). The fourth cover has the rapper dressed in professional attire sitting on a desk (the business side). And finally, the fifth cover features 50 dressed in his Street King clothes (the charitable side).

In the XXL interview, 50 talks about his upcoming fifth album due out in January. “For me, I’m still up against what I’ve done,” he tells the publication. “So in order to top it, I know it’s a difficult task. You know, I see the bloggers. My audience hasn’t grown with me. They keep saying, “Aw, man, I want the old 50!” ’Cause those people, it would take them on a safari. I was bringing them close enough to the animals, without being able to get hurt. I was taking them into my neighborhood, where you can very well get your a--- killed.”

Fif also discusses the state of rap music, which he feels has lost some of its edge. “I don’t see what I fell in love with,” he says. “So now I gotta make music that reflects what N.W.A made. I have to make music that has the moments that Nas had. I have to make music that has what Biggie offered.”

Elsewhere, 50 talks about his ongoing mission to feed a billion kids in Africa with his Street King energy drink. He also explains his longtime friendship with Mayweather and his crew "The Money Team."

But the year-end, double issue is not all about 50 Cent and his personalities. The mag has interviews with Mac Miller, Common, Drake and a review of his just-released second album 'Take Care.' This is one big Christmas present courtesy of the editors of XXL.

XXL’s December 2011/January 2012 issue will arrive on newsstands nationwide on Dec. 6.