Rapper 50 Cent turns up the heat in his latest video for 'Off & On.' The clip may be too hot for on-the-job viewing, so if you love being employed don't watch it if the boss is around. We can't front, the video is eye-catching to say the least and will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows.

The centerpiece in the 'Off & On' clip consists of two lovely eye candy models. The twist? The ladies' entire bodies are painted to resembled a tiger and a panther, respectively. (Apparently 50's not into cougars.) To say it's "wild" would be an understatement (especially the unedited version).

Fiddy is enjoying the models' bodacious frames as he brags about his "legendary" status. "N----s trynna front on my swag, knock it off," he raps. The video also boasts samples from Tupac Shakur's 'It Ain't Easy' and Biz Markie's 'Nobody Beats The Biz.'

50 Cent has been staying consistent with his video releases from his mixtape 'The Big 10.' Clips for 'Wait Until Tonight,' 'I Just Wanna' and 'Queens, NY' have all garnered major views on YouTube. 50 might be on to something with these video treatments.

Watch the 50 Cent, 'Off & On' Video [Edited]