If you've ever wondered what it's like to watch Aaron Carter watch his hit music video for 'Aaron's Party', wonder no more. He recently sat down with MTV to watch the entire thing, and boy are we glad he did.

He admits that the last time he watched the video in full was never, which makes his reactions totally hilarious and genuine. As soon as he notes that huge fur jacket he wears in the video, he thinks about a similarity between a famous rapper and himself: "Okay, just so you know -- when I was twelve... Macklemore copied me twelve years later. I did that, Macklemore!"

Aaron then goes on to sing along with the track during the video, offering some really fantastic 'woo!'s littered throughout. He also seems pretty impressed by his then-breakdancing as he exclaims: "Look at me breaking it down!"

Something he's not impressed by? His own prepubescent voice: "I can't believe I sounded that way. You guys liked that?" Yes, Aaron. We did.

And then he brings up the whole Macklemore thing again: "The funniest thing in this whole video now is Macklemore. Bro, how can you expect me to let that go? You could've just.. hollered at me. I would've been in 'Thrift Shop,' bro. I would’ve come in and made a little cameo for you. That was my scene."

How could you, Macklemore?

Check out the hilarious video above, and relive the beauty of the early oughties with Aaron.