If you thought a headache or dry-heaving spell made for a bad hangover, at least neither's coupled with sobering news that you might have killed the United Kingdom's most famous supermodel.

In a trailer for the forthcoming Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, based on the eponymous cult favorite BBC show, the lovable (and reliably under-the-influence) Eddy and Patsy find their overzealous socializing at a fashion party might have accidentally offed the missing Kate Moss. And once the best friends become relentless targets of the media and local authorities, they do what any chain-smoking, pill-popping pseudo-socialites would do: flee to France for asylum/a fabulous vacation, darling.

That is, after they do some final window shopping at Vivenne Westwood.

In the clip above, Eddy, played by Jennifer Saunders, declares "We're in the South of France, everyone's a criminal!" before she and Patsy paint the Riviera red. Naturally, the holiday turns into a disaster, the ladies can't find any eligible men and Patsy's tased by Rebel Wilson aboard a passenger plane.

"Cheers! Don't get that on British Airways," Patsy offers.

Ab Fab originally aired three complete seasons between 1992 to 1995, and broadcast a handful of isolated episodes and specials through 2012. The movie will feature cameos from Emma Bunton, Harry Styles, Kim Kardashian, Jon Hamm and Stella McCartney, who tosses a brick through Eddy's window in the preview.

Check out the trailer, and hang tight for the American Ab Fab premiere on July 22.

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