Attention all aspiring teen singers, actors, and athletes! Acuvue has just launched another 1-Day contest that will give five teen pop fans the opportunity to receive a one-on-one mentoring session with five of today's brightest stars, including mega-watt singers Joe Jonas and Charice.

Disney stars Meaghan Smith of 'Camp Rock' and Sterling Knight of 'So Random!' / 'Sunny With a Chance' are also on the celeb roster, as is runner Allyson Felix.

On top of being able to receive valuable advice from one of the five young celebrities, the five individual winners will be receiving a second prize! The quintet of contest champs will be flown to Los Angeles to attend a teen awards event and will be given a one-year supply of Acuvue contact lenses.

In order to enter the contest, fans must upload a 30-60 second video to Acuvue's YouTube account. In the video, you must say what you would want to accomplish in one day, explain how you find the inner strength to conquer daily obstacles, and share why you should be chosen to win the mentor opportunity.

Joe Jonas and Charice also wrote their own personal stories to help give fans an idea of what the contest is all about. Charice talked about never giving up and her song 'One Day,' saying, "One Day isn’t just the name of my song, it's an anthem for anyone whose dreams might seem bigger than life or unattainable, but they don't give up. If you have that spirit, you can succeed."

Jonas also wrote about his excitement to help budding performers. He writes, "I'd love to work with an aspiring musician or singer. Even when I was acting, music was always very important to me, to my family and I just can't imagine not doing it. I'm excited to help someone focus on what steps they can take today to turn their passion into a career."

The contest will end June 30, and the official rules can be read by clicking here.

Watch the Charice 'One Day' Official Lyrics Video