Almost as famous for his eyeliner as he is for his high notes, Adam Lambert will show his much softer side in 'Better Than I Know Myself.' The 'American Idol' alum took fans behind the scenes of his new video -- and his new toned down look!

"'Better Than I Know Myself' is a song that I think anybody who has been in or is in a relationship can relate to," Lambert said. "Sometimes you screw up, or you say something that hurts your partner's feelings or you haven't been supportive. This song basically owns that," he continued. "'Look, I'm sorry, sometimes I know I'm not perfect, but without you I don't know what I'd do with myself. I need you, because you are the only person who knows me better than I know myself.'"

The song is a departure from the rest of Lambert's 'Trespassing' tracks. Appropriately enough, then, the video is a departure from Lambert's usual over to the top style. It's low key, with a set designed to look like an apartment. The trademark "Glambert" eye makeup and leather are missing, replaced by a seemingly naked face, cozy knits and soft lighting -- all of which Lambert had a hand in.

"I definitely wanted to take a more hands on role in the video concept and the whole process," Lambert revealed. "Luckily, I got my first pick of director, which was Roy Kay. His eye is amazing, he's got great taste and great ideas," Lambert gushed.

So what can we expect? In typical Lambert fashion, that's still a bit of a surprise. "What we came up with was a nice twist on the song," he said. "I think when viewers see the video, they'll look at the lyrics a little bit differently."

Watch Adam Lambert Behind the Scenes of 'Better Than I Know Myself'