This past Friday (10/16), Adam Lambert made his second appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, to promote his latest single "Another Lonely Night," the second from his new album The Original High.

Carr's introduces Lambert with the bold declaration that he "is so fierce he manages to put the queen in Queen" (a reference to Lambert's recent performances with the band), which sets the perfect tone for a supremely gay segment.

Carr and Lambert's on-air kiki begins with the essentials fit for the most fabulous of drag queens: rumors (of Lambert doing Glastonbury) and shade (about Kanye West's recent rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody").

Carr then proceeds to ask Lambert to explain the story behind the video for new single "Another Lonely Night." Lambert states how the narrative is "a universal thing" and that the video, behind all the glitz of its Vegas-inspired visuals, is meant to convey that feeling. In the world of the video, even insanely-hot male strippers, showgirls, and Elvis impersonators have their dark times.

Cue another discussion of rumors, this time about Lambert denying his status as a ginger. "I'm not in denial; I'm just quiet about it," Lambert implores. The rumors quickly devolve into witty banter about ginger culture in Ireland, particularly Pulse Night Club's "Shag a Ginger Night," where people can apparently get their hair dyed ginger by the club's resident hair styling team.

And finally, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Queen's iconic track "Bohemian Rhapsody," Carr requests that Lambert perform their recreation of the band's original video. The whole performance is excessive, ridiculous, and entertaining, so all-in-all a perfect homage to Queen. Watch the whole thing below.

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